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60 Days of Fog
60 Days of Fog
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60 Days of Fog

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    What they don't tell you about having a child, is that suddenly you are faced with the greatest love of your life. And quite simply, there's no way to prepare. We prepare for a test, a trip, a job interview. But for this kind of love? Not possible. We learn to love by loving. We get pregnant, we spend nine months reading all the books, buying all the gear, worrying about every possible detail. When the day comes, we’re convinced that we’re ready.

    Your baby arrives. A little being who can barely see, but who quickly sneaks into the most hidden corners of your heart. There he stirs things that were long forgotten, others we never knew existed. And you realize that that angelic love portrayed in the diaper commercials has much more pain, tears, and sweat than you’d imagined.

    A beloved child will open doors that you would’ve preferred to keep closed. He’ll make you feel vulnerable, but with an immeasurably bigger heart. And you’ll wonder "Why didn’t anyone warn me?" It wasn’t out of spite, but the truth is we just don't talk about these things. We don’t mention them because we’ve forgotten about them. After the fog lifts, what remains are the smiles, the sweet smell of their neck, and their milky breath.

    We don’t mention it because it’s almost impossible to describe. But if there is someone who comes close to transforming moth- erhood into words, it is Rafaela. If you, my friend, are already a mother, may this book bring you the lightness necessary to con- tinue the journey with humor and tranquility. If you’re not yet or are about to become a parent, drop all the manuals, abandon all the baby registries, grab a cup of coffee, and let Rafa tell you a little about the delicious, chaotic love that is motherhood.

     Paperback, 251 pages, premium and colored edition.